50% discount on wooden frames

What a year. It was just all starting again and now we are on hold another time. It was a week of cancelations and today the very last planned event for this year got removed from my schedule. Hey, but it is all just postponed, so I guess we have more time to look forward to them… right?!

Fortunately I have these beautiful b’mine hotel projects in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt that keep me alive. But there is one thing you could help me with: since I would like to get rid of some older works to create space in the studio, I am offering you a crazy 50% discount on all works in wooden frames I made between 2006 and 2012. Just have a look: https://www.polabraendle.com/catalogue-raisonne/

Feel free to visit my studio (by appointment only) in November and browse around. Who knows, you might find your dream artwork!

I wish you a cozy colorful fall and look forward to hearing from you,


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