The Problem with Portraits


… and again last week after working on the new portrait for many many weeks I got to the point, where I thought: this time it just doesn’t work out. The portrait just doesn’t look good, it doesn’t have that soft expression and smile that I wanted… and maybe important to mention, it didn’t have an eye yet. I mean it had one at some point, but I wasn’t happy with it, it didn’t look good or anywhere near reality so I cut it out entirely. I left the picture alone for a week just looking, but not working on it. I came, sat down, had a coffee and watched it… every single day. I was close to the point of giving up, because I really didn’t know what elso to do or try. I didn’t expect it to magically work out. Last Tuesday I went to the studio with the goal to create a new and hopefully last version of the eye. I decided to not leave, before I can see a proper progress… and it worked. Suddenly I had a face, an expression – I changed some shaddows around the mouth and the cheeks and the person in front of me was a human being, it had a friendly and warm smile on its face. I sat down in my chair with the same happy expression…

… and that moment I remembered all the other times, that I was at exactly this point with every single of my portraits. The point, where I thought “this time it just doesn’t work, this time I will fail and won’t be able to finish this picture”. It is funny how your brain let’s you forget all the troubles and the difficulities of the way, when you are at the end and you achieved your goal.

And I already now, that with the next portrait, I will get to this point again and think “this time it really won’t work”.


Soon, there will be a whole blogpost including photos about the creation and the different steps I went through…




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