Fresh winds – opening day

Last Weekend was the big opening of the FRESH WINDS FESTIAVL in Gardur, Iceland.


50 artists from 20 countries were showing the pieces that they had been working on for the last f

our weeks. It is a colourful mix of all genres – painters, performance artists, musicians, sculpturers of all kinds and and and.

The final works were spread over the whole areal and shown in at least 7 different locations. The welcome speach, drinks and snacks were at the main gallery and then a bus took the visitors, guests and us from location to location to see the different pieces. Each artist was at his work talking about it.

What a fantastic event! What a pleasure and honour to be part of it.

Thank you to Mirya Samper for all the work, love and energy she put into this festival.

But now I guess you want to see some photos…






: :

And me in front of my smaller work. The main piece was presented in the old lighthouse of Gardur. It is the oldest lighthouse in Iceland.


: :

Plus a little video:


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