Save the date – Opening: Solo show in Berlin on October 6th

Pola Brändle_Black Beauty_2017_65x46cm_courtesy of Studio Pola Brändle

What an artsy weekend – Berlin Art Week is over and we are very excited to announce Pola’s upcoming exhibition “Plakatief goes Metropolis” at coGalleries from October 7th to 16th.

Save the date and join us for the opening on October 6th from 6 – 9 pm on Torstrasse 170 in Berlin Mitte. More info coming soon!

coGalleries is a Berlin art platform for social art experiences. These include visits to artist studios; art workshops and creative nites out. The ‚co‘ stands for: connect; collect; and collaborate.

Pola Brändle_Light my Fire_2017_65x46cm_courtesy of Studio Pola Brändle

Pola Brändle_Race my Soul_2017_65x46cm_courtesy of Studio Pola Brändle

Pola Brändle_Above Records_2017_65x46cm_courtesy of Studio Pola Brändle

Pola Brändle_Dolce Vita_2017_65x46cm_courtesy of Studio Pola Brändle


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