Artist Residency // Yalova Bienali

3. Yalova Benale 2015

Group photo at the Yalova Paper Museum // Culture Center.

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As some of you know I am at a work residency in Yalova, Turkey.
We are working here with around 30 international artists. It is a lovely atmosphere and the „camp“ is right next to the Marmara Sea. My temporary studio is 20 meters from the water and I enjoy that beatiful view every day…


At the end we will have a preview exhibition in Istanbul, before the show will travel to the actual exhibition venue, the Yalova Paper Museum // Culture Center.

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Here some photos of the “studio” and a few of my works in progress.






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Last weekend I went to Istanbul to get some good (metropolitan) posters. After two days of walking around Istanbul I finally found some really nice material in one oft he side roads in Kadiköy on the Asian side. I decided to go back at night with some friends. I asked them to keep an eye out while I am ripping down the paper. It can be a bit edgy sometimes, not because I am doing something illegal (which I guess I do), mostly because it makes so much noise to get a big multi layered wall of posters down – and I am having my back turned to the street.

Thank you to Britt and Serdar!




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There was also the ART NTERNATIONAL art fair in Istanbul last weekend, so we took the chance to go to the opening and see some really nice art and get an overview oft he gallery scene in Istanbul.




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