Commission Works

Christmas is just around the corner. Looking for a special gift or indiviualized artwork? Request the creation of a unique art piece no matter if you are a private person or a company.

Pola has procued a variety of commission works within the last ten years. Find a selection below and get inspired! Is there anything better than a specially for you designed artwork?

Pola Brändle_iOLANi Frau_2015_80x60cm_courtesy of Studio Pola BrändlePola Brändle_iOLANi Mann_2015_80x60cm_courtesy of Studio Pola Brändle

Commission works for iOLANI.

Pola Brändle_Sinalco_courtesy of Studio Pola Brändle

Commission work for Sinalco.

Pola Brändle_Porsche Collage_2008_160 x 500 cm_courtesy of Studio Pola Brändle

Ulrich Mack_Porsche Collage1Private commssion work, Porsche.


Comission work for Ritterwald.


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