Opening night of THE VOID

The Opening night of The Void in collaboration with Talk! was a great success. So many people turned up you could hardly see the art. Check it out, it is totally worth it.

Auguststraße 11-13, 10117 Berlin, Deutschland

Duration: February 9th – March 23rd 2019



TALK! is a project by photographer Tom Wagner and Freunde fürs Leben e.V. raising awareness about depression and suicide. TALK! will be part of this group exhibition with Gregory Crewdson, Isa Genzken and Chris Jordan.

With TALK! works by Uli Aigner, Pola Brändle, Tom Grundmann, Jeppe Hein, Chris Jordan, Michal Kosakowski, Michel Lamoller, Sarah Lüdemann, Daniella Midenge & Maximillian Magnus, Jaybo Monk, Marcus Neufanger, Veronika Olma, Marek Polewski, Annina Röscheisen, Diana Sprenger, Melissa Steckbauer, Michael Streun and Mathias Vef.





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