Shooting with Arte

What a crazy time. So many amazing things are happening at the moment. A work residence in Turkey at the Yalova Biennial, a group exhibition in Moscow, my soloshow at 3 Punts Gallery in Auguststraße – the hot spot of the Gallery Szene in Berlin, an auction at Berlinische Galerie, I increased the size of my studio and to top it all…

… a shoot for the famous art broadcast station ARTE.

They were at my studio and will make a Portrait about me for the programm “arte metropolis”.

It will be broadcasted on the 23rd of November, 4.45pm (ARTE/NDR). It will be repeated 26th of November, 2.35pm and the 28th of November, 6.55pm. But of course you can also watch it in the mediathek.



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