Opening – Group Exhibition at Yalova Biennial


The big finale of the Yalova Biennial was a group show in the City Museum in the middle of town. A lovely place and the curators team did a really good job with the hanging. They had to deal with at least one artpiece per person – 33 artists in total. The Museum served Fanta, Coke and juices in wine glasses (no alkohol!) and a lot of small fingerfood. All in all a very nice event with a lot of talented collegues from all over the world.

Here some photos of the opening.



After the opening we gathered in front of the museum and got a shuttle to a nice dinner at the house of one otf the sponsors for the catalog.



Thank you very much – to all the artists, the organizers and all the turkish people I met – for the lovely time in Yalova.



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