The Sinalco-Story

This is a story that I wanted to share with you for a while…


Last year I was traveling a lot. Partly for work, but also for fun.

The Story (told short): I was in Mijas with two colleagues to hang an exhibition. When all the work was done we decided to take some time off and travel along the andalusian coast for a few days. We just started, when I got a phone call from someone who wanted to order a big commisioned work. Great!… until he told me for when they would need it – the following week. I said “no problem” and started working. Did I mention, that we were three people in a tiny car? However, I started collecting posters along the road and began my work straight away… on the campsite and later in a holiday flat. Yes, you heard right. I worked as we travelled along. It was great to see, that it is possible and it showed me, that I can really work whereever I want. If someone would have asked me before, if I think it was feasable to properly work on the road, I would have negated, but now I know better.

I am not sure, if that is a good or a bad thing, because the travelbug was already itching me enough without that knowledge.

: :

Here some photos of working on the road this summer:

















One Reply to “The Sinalco-Story”

  1. Der Sommer kehrt zurück, nachdem hier aus tiefliegenden Wolken der Regen an die Scheibe geprasselt ist. Wundervolle Arbeit, die die Urlaubsfrische atmet.
    Sonnige Grüße aus dem veitraum

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