OPENING – new studio at Oranienstraße


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Opening Atelier Oranienstraße
Saturday, 21st of February 2015, 1 – 3 pm
Oranienstraße 19a, Backyard, 3rd Floor
10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg

Please let me know, if you are planning to come, so I am prepared with drinks and snacks.

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Some of you know, that we all had to leave our studio at Erkelenzdamm. Luckily I found a new space, that is even better than the old one. I moved just before New Year’s Eve…. aaaand I am super crazy happy about EVERYTHING!!! Yes, I have to write in capitals, because it is just so awesome.

The studio is in Kreuzberg at Oranienstraße. We are 4 artists and the community exists for more than 30 years. The person who moved out – Werner Brunner – was one of the founders back in 1984, meaning he painted in exactly my spot for 30 years. What a story, what a great place to work.

After moving into the new studio of course I had to unpack, paint, clean and build new shelfes to store all my pictures. I even build a new wall, so I have more space to present my pictures.

Come by and celebrate the new studio with me!


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