Fragments Series

In our latest blog post, we presented “Scattered” – Pola’s new series consiting of three dimensional wall objects with mobile character. But “Scattered” is not the only new series Pola has created within the last months. Get yourself ready for “Fragments”!

Pola about her new “Fragements” series:

Fascinated by the thick layers of dry paint on walls and facades in the public space that almost build object-like formations, I came up with the idea for my new Fragments series. I dismantle and recompose the layers of these randomly emerged structures and apply poster fragments to the paint objects whereby I create unique mixed media works that refer to my paper collages/decollages. To underline the plasticity of the artworks the works are coated with clear car paint intensifying the colors.

If you have become curious, feel free to browse through the selection below.

Fragments1Fragments3IMG_20171109_145645 - KopiesdrIMG_20171109_145714Atelier



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