Artcamp in Hungary

From the Block Group I was invited to take part at this years Artcamp in Erdöszölö, Hungary. I met the organisers of that last year at the artists residency in Yalova, Turkey.


I had an amazing time there with round about 15-20 other artists from mostly from Germany and Hungary. The house was in the middle of nowhere with no internet, TV or Radio. It was great and because of all that time, that I spend sitting in fron of my collages, I came to totally new ideas and tried new stuff. I really wanted to work with hungarian Posters from the region, but they were so ugly and all looked the same… just proper advertisments with no style ar design. So I had to come up with some new style, where you don’t actually see the posters…

In the end we all had a group show in Budapest at MMG Gallery to finish a great visit in a great country.

: :

Here some photos:

Outside workspace at the camp:



: :

Dinner on the terrace:

: :

My new pictures for the show:

: :

Opening at MMG Gallery in Budapest:


: :

… and of course a nice day in Budapest:


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