Talk! Art Project & Auction


We are pleased to announce that Pola is one of the supporters of the TALK! art project and auction for suicide prevention in favour of Freunde fürs Leben E.V.

Photographer Tom Wagner produces large-sized portraits of 50 renowned artists. They reflect what is visible to him, as a photographer, and to us, as observers. Each artist then gets to rework their portrait, adding what otherwise stays hidden, offering a peak behind the facade, communicating what is hard to talk about. The external perspective will be amplified and intensified by the inner perspective of each artist. The artists are not confined by the frames of the portraits and are completely free in composing their work. Photographer, artist and observer thereby enter a mutual dialogue.
The reworked portraits – each one completely unique – will be exhibited in September 2018 and will finally be auctioned off in favor of the charity Freunde fürs Leben e.V.
Other participating artists are Daniel Harms, Eckart Hahn, Jeppe Hein, Uli Aigner, Axel Anklam, MelissaSteckbauer, Sarah Lüdemann or Diana Sprenger – just to name a few.

Pola Brändle_Selbstportrait_2015_courtesy of Studio Pola Brändle

Through revealing their innermost parts, the artists engage with us. “TALK!“ is supposed to fuel communication about exactly those feelings, thoughts, wishes, and also crises and problems that we find it difficult to talk about. TALK! wants to encourage people to become visible, to confide in others, to ask for help. Just like everyone else, artists sometimes feel self-doubt, uncertainty, dispiritedness, despair. But their skill of creative expression illustrates their feelings – helping us relate to them and aiding to overcome them together.

The Photographer Tom Wagner, Berlin, has 20 years of experience photographing individuals for fashion, music, magazines, commercials, catalogues and agencies. Between October and December he will portray selected artists and creatives.


Freunde fürs Leben e.V. have been dedicated to suicide prevention since 2001 – specializing in adolescents and young adults. The targeted distribution of information concerning warning signals as well as possibilities of therapy can prevent suicide. Initiating creative and youth-oriented projects, campaigns and events, Freunde fürs Leben aim at breaking the taboo and making suicide a topic of public discussion.



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