Opening at Kunstetage K55

1_IMG_1050 1

Last weekend Clara Joris and me had an Opening at Kunstetage K55 in Heilbronn. We took the train down to the south of Germany to be present at the Vernissage on Sunday afternoon. Volkmar Köhler from the Künstlerbund Heilbronn and Andreas Kuhn from the Galerie Kuhn und Partner in Berlin did a fantastic job mounting the exhibition. Clara and me arrived after all the work was done already and we didn’t even have anything to criticize. The speech Volkmar Köhler hold was lovely and really to the point. So all in all a very nice event.

Here some photos of the exhibitin, the opening and the artists…

1_IMG_1052 1

1_IMG_1051 1

1_IMG_1060 1

1_IMG_1064 1

1_IMG_1065 1

1_IMG_1079 1

1_IMG_1083 1

1_IMG_1075 1


One Reply to “Opening at Kunstetage K55”

  1. why do you make your works?
    why with papers?
    what makes them unique?
    thank you!

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