The new Studio – part II – unpacking

After moving into the new studio of course I had to unpack, paint, clean and build new shelfes to store all my pictures.

Werner Brunner and me the day we exchanged keys. He is the artist who worked there for the last 30 years and was now willing to give it to me. Thank you so much Werner!


: :

Moving around evreything for days to find the right place for it.



: :

This is the spot where I am sitting, when I work on smaller pieces. The best about it is the view, but I guess you have to come and visit to see it!


: :

My little inspiration corner.


: :

Trying to make “walls” with pictures… didn’t work out very well and I quickly figured, that I would actually have to build a proper wall. More about that in the next blog post.


: :

The first part that was absolutely finished was this corner. It showed me what kind of atmospere I want to create in the studio.
Thank you to Klaus for the help. AWESOME CORNER!


More coming soon!


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