New Artworks

We are happy to present a selection of brand new artworks that Pola has just created. Fleeing from the cold, locking herself in her cosy studio, Pola has been very busy within the last weeks. The result is a variety of nine artworks also involving new formats.

Please find an overview below and feel free to contact us if you are interested in further information.

PB_...und bei Ihnen tobt das Leben_2017_66x89cm_courtesy of Studio PB
…und bei Ihnen tobt das Leben, 2017, 66 x 89 cm
PB_Flowers and Friends_2017_66x165cm_courtesy of Studio PB
Flowers and Friends, 2017, 66 x 165 cm
PB_Free your Life_2017_66x89cm_courtesy of Studio PB
Free your Life, 2017, 66 x 89 cm
PB_Many Moons ago_2017_66x165cm_courtesy of Studio PB
Many Moons ago, 2017, 66 x 165 cm
PB_Inner Child_2017_66x89cm_courtesy of Studio PB
Inner Child, 2017, 66 x 89 cm
PB_Mermaid by Choice_2017_66x165cm_courtesy of Studio PB
Mermaid by Choice, 2017, 66 x 165 cm
PB_Moonwalker_2017_66x89cm_courtesy of Studio PB
Moonwalker, 2017, 66 x 89 cm
PB_Weight of the World_2017_66x165cm_courtesy of Studio PB
Weight of the World, 2017, 66 x 165 cm
Fantasy, 2017, 66 x 126 cm



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