A weekend full of Art in Frankfurt

As some of you know, there was the big AFFICHISTEN – POETRY OF THE METROPOLITAN exhibition in Frankfurt at the Schirn Museum. Affichists you call the artists, who worked in the same style as I do, but back in the fifties and sixties – they started it!!!

It was the first time ever, that there was an exhibition about that topic, which brought together the five pioneers and their works.


Of course I had to go and see that show and it was breathtaking for me. I booked a guided tour and when the guide talked about the art pieces I had the feeling she was talking about me, there are so many paralels about their way of working and mine. Even the way they were introduced… with a roll of posters on their shoulders.


When I decided to go and see the exhibition I also chose to stay a few more days and see a bit of the town – some museums and galleries. In the end I just dedicated the whole weekend to the arts and visited tons of art institutions from morning to late… and at night I went poster hunting with the friend of mine I stayed with – we had a lot of fun. Thanks for that!

: :

Here some photos of the late-night-poster-picking in Frankfurt on Saturday



: :

On Sunday I left the city – packed but happy



: :

I can highly recommend Frankfurt to art interested people, there is an amazing Museum scene!




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