Posters in Yalova and Istanbul

I arrived in Yalova (Turkey) for my scholarship about five days ago and I love it!


It took some time to settle in, but I think I finally found the right space to work. More about that in another post. I just tell you that: It smells like goats…

Walking through Yalova I realized pretty qiuck that there are not enough posters to do my work properly for the exhibition we will have on the 22nd.  I collected some posters out of pure panik, but they just weren’t good enough. Trying to work with them later I realized I have to go to the big town – Istanbul!

Here some photos of my gipsy-style poster collecting in Yalova:


The next day I went to Istanbul with the first ferry at 7.30.

With the help of a friend of a friend from Berlin I found some great posterwalls. I even found more than I could carry home, especially because the kids that got interessted in my action helped me to the point of pure chaos. We had far to much fun and after it got a bit to wild we decided it is better to leave quick, before some authorities turn up to ask what the hell we are doing there.

Here some impressions from poster picking in Istanbul, first alone and then with the help of some kids.

The last one is my favourite picture from that day. We were in a backstreet of Istanul in the transvestite redlight district, where I saw a poster that I really really needed to have. Even my friend was to small to get it, but he found a “Sackkarre” to step on. In Turkey there is always people who want to help, so that guy who walked by helped us imediatly, while a transvestite was commenting every single step they did from a window nextdoor. AWESOME.








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