New City Series

We wish you a happy and healthy new year and start 2017 with a brand new selection of Pola’s city series. During her travels in the last year, Pola has collected a bunch of poster material to extend her city series. Check out the artworks below involving fragments from Aachen, Copenhagen, South Tyrol, Vienna, Prague, Lisbon, Amsterdam and many more.

pola-brandle_dancing-vienna_2016_101x70cm_courtesy-of-studio-pola-brandleVienna Dancing, 2016, 101 x 70 cm


pola-brandle_andalusian-culture_2016_101x70cm_courtesy-of-studio-pola-brandleAndalusian Culture, 2016, 101 x 70 cm


pola-brandle_backroads-of-amsterdam_2016_101x70cm_courtesy-of-studio-pola-brandleBackroads of Amsterdam, 2016, 101 x 70 cm


pola-brandle_burlesque-aachen_2016_101x70cm_courtesy-of-studio-pola-brandleBurlesque Aachen, 2016, 101 x 70 cm


pola-brandle_copenhagen-upside-down_2016_101x70cm_courtesy-of-studio-pola-brandleCopenhagen Upside Down, 2016, 101 x 70 cm


pola-brandle_foggy-peak-south-tyrol_2016_101x70cm_courtesy-of-studio-pola-brandleFoggy Peak South Tyrol, 2016, 101 x 70 cm


pola-brandle_prague-playtime_2016_101x70cm_courtesy-of-studio-pola-brandlePrague Playtime, 2016, 101 x 70 cm


pola-brandle_lisbon-my-love_2016_101x70cm_courtesy-of-studio-pola-brandleLisbon my Love, 2016, 101 x 70 cm


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