This Friday – Grand Opening in Berlin

PB_Plakatief goes Metropolis_Solo Show_ coGalleries_Berlin 2017_10courtesy of Studio PB

We are currently installing Pola’s upcoming solo exhibition “Plakatief goes Metropolis” opening this Friday, October 6th, at coGalleries in Berlin Mitte. Don’t forget to come by and join us for a drink or two from 6 to 9 pm. We are excited to present a selection of brand new artworks.

I case you will not make it to the opening reception on Friday, feel free to pop in another day, the exhibition will be on display from October 7th to 16th on Torstrasse 170 in Berlin Mitte.

Exhibition text:

Presented by coGalleries, ‘Plakatief Goes Metropolis’, is German artist Pola Brändle’s solo exhibition displaying a selection of new works exploring and revealing the transformative nature of decay through her collaging of weathered and
decomposing poster fragments.

Emerging from a fascination with photographing billboards, she was inspired to create her own collage/decollage work using posters collected fromconcerts, festivals, and other cultural events throughout her exploration of over 35 countries, spanning the United States, South America, the Middle East and Europe. Using these materials, she is able to form intricate layers of colours, textures and images, while combining these with her unique personal perspectives.



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