Art – for Ukraine

Art for you – support for Ukraine

Dear art lovers,

I hope you are doing well and you are healthy.

Today I turn to you with a very important topic that has been on my mind for weeks and months now. It doesn’t need many words, except that I would like to help together with you.

I’ve been thinking about what I can do myself and so I’ve been working on an art piece “Peace Please” lately, which I want to auction here and (starting) today. I will donate the entire money of the auctioned artwork to the Berliner Stadtmission, who focus at the moment on welcoming refugees from the Ukraine who arrive in Berlin at the main train station needing help.

126cm x 63cm

The starting price is 1,500 euros.

: :

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: I will also donate 20% of every picture sold this week (from today to Sunday May 15th 20:00 GMT). 

Under the following link you can see ALL available pictures:

And this is how it works: In order to make the whole thing as uncomplicated as possible for you, I thought that you would simply have to send me a short email (just click on reply) with the amount of money you are willing to pay for the picture. This must be over 1,500 euros. If someone has already bid a higher price, you will get an email back from me with “outbid”. It is then up to you, if you want to try again. And remember, it’s for a good cause!

The auction ends on Sunday, May 15th, 2022 at 8pm 
Of course I will send the person who bought the picture a photo of the donation receipt as proof. With permission, I am happy to post a picture of the donor with their newly acquired picture on my social media channels.

And now: Let’s donate together!

Sunny greetings from Berlin,
Pola Brändle

Photo credits: Patricia Schichl


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