It took me 5 years to make this picture

Today I finished an art piece, that I started in my head 5 years ago. It is a 3D poster collage involving plexiglas and a wooden box. I thought about it for ages and a few weeks ago I finally decided to go to a carpenter and let him do the wooden box "thing". It …

Aktuelle Ausstellungen

Aktuelle Ausstellungen | Current Exhibitions: 1. 11. 2009 - 30. 04. 2010 2010 A.T. Kearney GmbH Charlottenstr. 57, Berlin 27. 03. 2009 - open end Cafe und Hotel Sarotti-Höfe Mehringdamm 57, Berlin 01. 10. 2008 - open end Galerie Meisterschüler Friedrichstr. 105b, Berlin-Mitte