Wow! Vernissage at Viena

Wow – what an event. I was a bit worried, that it would be to hot… and not a lot of people would show up. BUT they did… and they did it on time. We had a lot of guests from 19.00 until 22.00. There was no drop down in the number of people the whole time.

Franco and his team did an awesome job of making everyone happy with lovely food and drinks – he really prepared a beautiful buffet. Thank you to Franco and his crew of helpers.

And I even sold a picture, that three people were interessted in. I guess that was to much pressure and one of the couples decided straight away. It was really nice to see them be excited about it. Sometimes you have clients, who buy a picture and you can see in their faces that it isn’t a big deal for them… and sometimes it is different – this time it made me really happy!

The exhibition is running until the beginning of August, every day (except Tuesdays) from 17.00 undtil 23.00. Feel free to call me and I will give you a private tour at Viena ore even show you around in my atelier – 652 395 652.

But as usual, the photos show a lot more of the athmosphere…

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