My new PRESS page

Coming back to the isalnd I realized that in my absence two new articles in magazines were published. They were both about the exhibition opening at Rialto Living in Palma de Mallorca. That reminded me that I really need a Propper press page. So today I put all my time into that and now you can find all (most) articles, reports and artist portraits on my webpage and also on my blog (on the left hand side Pola- Press).

But I will share the articles with you here and now anyway.

abcmallorca Magazin

“Pola Brändle Exhibition”

Photos by Annette Stefan

(50th Edition, September 2011)


ML&S Magazin


Photos by Annette Stefan

(Issue 21, August 2011)


Mallorca Magazin

“Schicht für Schicht in die Tiefe”,
Gabriela Kunze

(Ausgabe Nr 29/2011, Kultur S. 49)


Klinger Report

Hella Schwerla

(Ausgabe Nr 37, März 2011)



“Das Plakat als Leidenschaft”,
Andrea Hilgenstock

(10. Januar 2009)



“Geniestreiche mit Klebstoff”,
Gerhard Charles Rump

(5. September 2008)



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