BERLINER KUNSTSALON 2011 – a long, but successful week

Last week I exhibited at the art fair BERLINER KUNSTSALON with my colleague artist Ulrike Stolte. It was a very long and stressful week, but also really successful. The kind of success you can’t measure in money…

I made a lot of good and inressting contacts and got nice compliments for my work.

The week started with checking out the venue on Sunday, transporting and hanging all of Monday and half of Tuesday. On Tuesday at 17.00 just after finishing the last bits and pieces there was the big opening of the fair. A lot of people showed up and created a nice atmosphere in the huge halls called “Uferhallen”. Wedneday to Friday it was pretty calm, because it was in the week and the other art fairs like “abc – about painting”, “Preview Berlin” and “Berliner Liste” had their openings in the evenings. Saturday and Sunday it was busy again.

All in all it was a good week and I am glad I had the opportunity to take part. Thanks to my great exhibiting partner Ulrike Stolte.

Here some photos of the opening. Some more are hopefully coming soon.


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