What a day – what a night! VERNISSAGE AT RIALTO LIVING

What a busy day. After a week full of work, getting the exhibition ready, contacting press, preparing press maps… the day of the opening came closer and closer.

On Thursday morning we left for Palma at 9.00 in the morning. On the way we had the shittiest coffee ever, which really didn’t help my nervous stomach. 10 at Rialto to unpack, discussing the concept of hanging, 11.30 Interview with Mallorca Magazin, more hanging, 14.00 finished, eat a snack, do a last Gallery walk to invite and remind them, walk to a friend, try to sleep, eat, shower and get dressed up, 19.00 there, 19.30 beginning. Puhhh…

A big surprise was my parents showing up without me knowing. Crazy!!!

At 20.00 the house was full. A lot of people showed up and also a lot of press – journalists from Mallorca Ambiente, abc Mallorca and some others. Now I am of course very excited, which of these Magazines and Newspapers will publish an article about the event. I will keep you updated.

Thanks to everyone coming along and making it such a special event.

But now some photos of the Vernissage at Rialto Living in Palma, 14th of July.

Photographs by Annette Stefan & Emil Lamprecht





Afterwards we went with our closer friends and family to a lovely little Tapas Bar called 13% and finished the night with some good food and a glas of wine or two…


The photographer Annette Stefan and me – last photo of the night. Thank you!


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