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Pola Brändle exhibition at Rialto Living

‘Plakatief – A world in layers’

by Amy Neville-Eliot | Content Editor | published: 6th Jul, 2011

 A collage by German artistGloved by Pola Brändle

Lifestyle boutique, Rialto Living, is holding an in-store exhibition by emerging German artist, Pola Brändle. Featuring a selection of works from a project entitled ‘Plakatief – A world in layers’, it opens on July 14th at 19.30 and runs until 16th August.

Born in Aachen, Germany in 1980, Pola studied visual communications at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Maastricht. Since 2005 she has been working as a freelance photographer and, when not travelling for work, she splits her time between Berlin and Mallorca.

‘Plakatief: A world in layers’ is the first compilation of her work to date. It charts Pola’s journey as she travels through 26 countries and immerses herself into each location’s unique cultural history. The narrative is presented in collage and photographic form – as she captures images of months, if not years, of posters layered on the walls of the cities she visits.

William M. Hess, one of four co-authors for Plakatief, describes Pola’s work as ‘modern tapestries woven by time and happenstance’.

The gallery space is a 15 metre long balcony, located in the midst of this fabulous designer store. After viewing the exhibition, take the opportunity to peruse the store and all it has to offer; a home interiors section, fashion, art, gifts, books and accessories, all carefully selected by founders Klas Kall (designer of the GANT brand) and Barbara Bergman (graphic designer).

For more information on the lifestyle store visit Rialto Living



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